Let Go Home

Let Go Home is an original, devised 'art-theatre' project about grief and our absurd relationship to belongings. Drawing on stunning imagery, breathtaking live music and sound and physical storytelling, we tell a bizarre, touching and fragmented ‘story’ of a family in the throes of bereavement. How do our material possessions and our compulsions keep us from confronting the abyss of mortality?

Co-directed by Adam Clifford and Simon Gleave, the project is currently in Research and Development with work encompassing original text, poetic and virtuosic movement, an array of bells, percussion and piano, vocal sound and language explorations, non-linear narrative and experimental scenography to paint a visual and aural canvas. By reenacting daydream, nightmare and childhood states through absurd play and repetitive, durational sequences, we want to create a space of reflection where the audience can meditate on the delicate themes of the work, opening new spaces within themselves.

The project was first conceived in the autumn of 2016, inspired by personal events, before the material was opened to wider influences, stories, themes and archetypes. We undertook a thorough and successful period of research in Edinburgh in summer 2017 (see some of the feedback we received, opposite), and will go deeper again into this work in July 2018 to pave the way towards our first performances in early 2019.

We are fundraising to bring this project into the beautiful fruition we believe it deserves. If you think you'd like to support us do get in touch, and have a look at the 'Support us' page here on the website.

The project is supported by Theatre Deli (theatredeli.co.uk) and Arts Council England.

We are pleased also to announce our partnership with psychiatrist and theatre scholar Dr Maria Turri of Queen Mary University London.

the team

Adam Clifford - co-director, composer, deviser and performer

Simon Gleave - co-director, writer (original text), deviser and performer

Clara Henry - choreographer, deviser and performer

Colette Dalal Tchantcho - deviser and performer

Olga Silkina - deviser and performer

Dylan Read - deviser and performer

Gemma Tweedie - designer

Xana - sound designer

Genine Sumner - producer

responses to our work so far

R&D 2017:

"Well done! Beautiful sharing - open... loved humour - shifts in tone - worth milking more. Thank you."

"Intense exploration of our relationship with memory and objects and space, and how we can in a sense be bound by them."

"Chaos makes sense on that level of commitment and engagement."

"I was really charmed by the style of it and it showed... vision and potential."

"The powerful 'death' sequence... the use of ritual and repetition was very moving."

"I loved the soundscape bouncing off the actions and around them; becoming them."

"It reminded me of the live art group Black Market International because of the layers of imagery. I ENJOYED IT!"

"You have thought of everything!"

"Thank you for sharing this with us."

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